Happy Father’s Birthday Day


‘Here .. hold it and shine it over here.’ I can ,,, just about … if I close my eyes … hear you saying to me as you went about starting to fix this that or the other.

Yep. That was my job. To hold the flashlight – to shine some light on this .. thing … that needed fixing, mending, replacing … so you could determine just what option might prove to be the best in each scenario.

And .. I must have been damn good at it … because … whatever might have been in need of fixing, mending or replacing .. you were always able to fix, mend or replace this .. thing .. of which I had been shining the light on.

And .. in some oddball kind of way .. maybe I internalized your subtle message .. IE that I indeed had an active hand in said fixing, mending or replacing .. to the point where .. these days – Yeah, Dad .. your boy can fix, mend or replace just about anything around the house – or outside of the house – which isn’t quite working as it once did and should.

The concept of same is as natural & comfortable to me as .. Ha .. sitting around with you .. Sunday after Sunday for years and years on end .. and watching our beloved Buffalo Bills .. lose.

“For the Christ’s Sake,” you’d say after one blundered and boneheaded play or the other. Not sure even HE could have helped us out during our blackest performances .. but sure would have been a Hoot to see HIM try .. “Hand off to Jesus .. HE’S at the 10 .. the 20 .. the .. Oh My God .. {sorry} did you see the move HE just put on that guy ?!”

Which just got me laughing as I sit here and write this to you, my dear old Dad. Laughing and crying and remembering and reminiscing and … Thanking …

Papa and Big Ma .. and their parents .. and theirs .. and …

For ….. YOU ….

Happy Father’s Day, Dad .. & .. Happy Birthday too ..

How do you like that ?

Happens every Now & Then …

A somewhat Phenomenon I’d like to look into a bit deeper ….

Shine  a little light on …

Would you hand me the flashlight ?

Oh My Gosh …

I Love You , Dad …

Come visit .. any time …

Love, well .. you know who … 🙂


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