The Fruits of Labor


by Peter Runfola

{Parameters} 400 words / begin each section with ‘It is raining.’

It is raining! Screeched the twins Ed & Mary at a moment as in sync with itself as was the DNA which made them the fraternal twins that they were. Look alike? Act alike? Think alike? No. No. And .. a resounding ‘No.’

Nonetheless .. technically and truly … ‘twins’ they were. Enjoying not only the same birthday but .. the same {more or less} birth moment. With Ed being the ‘older and wiser’ of the two by mere minutes.

Two moments in time etched, stamped, tattooed and otherwise engraved in their mom Chrissy’s mind – and body – as indelibly as the physical scars she now bears – and … dammit .. she was going to enjoy these two little graffiti artists responsible for them.

She started chanting .. barely audibly :“Rain rain go away come again some other day …” Then just a wee bit louder .. and a wee bit more. Until .. first, Ed joined in .. then – pretty much just like the moments of their actual birth – Mary, just a scant moment later.

Soon, the entire living room .. from floor to ceiling .. seemed to come alive .. sparkling with the bright, fresh, crispness of an apple just off the tree … two, really .. the twin apples of her eye.

* * * * *

“It is raining! It’s snoring .. the old man is pouring” a voice from the hallway began singing .. louder and louder as it came closer and closer.

“Daddy!” the twins screamed in a unison as perfectly aligned and in tune as was their inception into this world. In other words: more than just a wee tiny bit chaotic Which is to say ‘close, but no cigar.’

“Fee Fi Fo Fum,” Billdaddy – as Chrissy liked to call him – huffed and puffed in his most exaggerated scary Giant voice.

Eliciting one of the – if not ‘thee’ – most precious sounds known in the entire Amalgam of Anything Audible : the frittering, lilting, squeaky clean window offspring of Mr. Magic & Mrs. Love : the laughter of a child.

Saying exactly what it sounds like it is saying .. without, per se, actually saying it: “I LOVE YOU.”

Unlike .. as in the ‘real world’ 99.9% pure or natural’ / ‘may cause violent hiccuping’ or some other ridiculous CYA disclaimer.

No .. a child’s laughter is both 100% natural and 100% disclaimer-free. For the simple, straightforward reason that : they wouldn’t know how to be anything but 100% … its what kids – in general – are: 100%.

And .. in this household … it’s more like 100% cubed.


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