JFK and The Sun Kings


Parameters: Begin story with ‘Be.’
Include in body: ‘like.’ ‘November.’
Exactly 300 words.

BE. A. T. L. E. S. ARRIVE IN NEW YORK February 7, 1964

John. Paul. George. Ringo. Right? Isn’t that the order … the ‘accepted’ order, at that … most of us use when we refer to The Lads? It just kind of morphed into that over the years. Whether this particular order is intended to signify the level of innate talent each brought to the band or their names just roll off the tongue easier this way is up for debate.

First off Pan Am flight #101 was George. Following him down the stairs was John. Then Paul. And, lastly, Ringo. With George & Ringo essentially forming a set of symbolic parenthesis or quotation marks around the juggernaut that would become “Lennon-McCartney.”

Of course, maybe George happened to be sitting closest to the door. And Ringo, furthest. Thus, the order of disembarking. No mystery. No debate or deconstruction necessary. For some things are as innocent and straightforward as they appear.

Others are not.

November 22, 1963. JFK Assassinated.

A momentous event also captured live. The film of which – on a much deeper level – continues to provoke more questions than answers.

Regardless of whether it be JPGR / GJPR, the infectious enthusiasm of these 4 kids from across the pond was exactly what America needed at this exact time. For, although it had yet to be written, let alone released in 1964, She could be heard softly singing one of The Lads’ next hits : Help me if you can, I’m feeling down / And I do appreciate you being ’round / Help me get my feet back on the ground / Won’t you please, please help me?

America. JFK. The Beatles. Inexplicably. Inexorably Intertwined.

Which was most like the photograph? The photographer?

All. None. Either. Or.