A Sunny Day Rain


Begin story with: ‘America’
Include: ‘constructed’ & ‘killed’
Precisely: 300 words

America. Home of the free.
Home of the free to be anything you would want to be.
From sea to shining sea.
Fortunate and unfortunately.

Because some see this as ‘too much of a good thing.’
And would prefer to see Her hurt and hobbled.
Her people crippled, their hearts in a sling.

Men with black holes devouring their black souls
their pitiful lives as meaningful as flotsam and jetsam littering the shoals

Such as Amalgam Man – the once brave corporate slave who fought to break the chain.
And his sidekick, Suicide Sam – with a personality painted equal parts hate and pain.

Sharing their ugliness by car .. horse .. buggy … or train.
No one liked them. These big small short tall monster midgets whose aura incited a sunny day rain.

But we can’t have one or two bad apples spoil the bunch.
We must confer. Discuss. Can you swing by for lunch?

Our targets can’t hide. Nor out of our hands slip nor slide.
Because, whether dressed as a businessman or a back-alley bum
each stands in, each stands out like the proverbial sore thumb.

We’ll come up with a plan to deal with these men.
And once it’s constructed we’ll unleash it in the iniquities den.

Home again after their latest attack. Knife slices still bleeding from the ones who fought back.

Still, they both remained overtly thrilled. Witnessing the calamity left behind from all they had killed.

Regardless, they are nothing special. Just two of the few.
Intent on spreading mayhem, death and disgust like a fetid, succulent stew.

Turning innocent planes, trains & automobiles into midway mauling people reapers
As the poisonous doctrines in their heads once again reach a boil behind their crazed peepers

America the free. America the free to be.
Both fortunate.
And unfortunately.


Every One … Except This One

Begin story with ‘Become’
Include in body: ‘except’ & ‘possessed’
Become part of my stream of consciousness.  Where I share with you the thoughts which occur to me right this moment – while I simultaneously sit here and discover them myself.
That is, except for one or two of these random thoughts which might belie the overall construct I’ve created in my own head, I’m striving to capture THIS moment .. and THIS one .. and THIS one as well.
But, let there be no misunderstanding on this point: I decry the inference that I am
publicly attempting to proselytize, or pander to, or otherwise win readers over to share in THIS moment. OR THIS one. But, every other one. Which, come to think of it, is rather a conundrum of a sentence: “BUT, EVERY OTHER ONE.”
Does that imply that I am willing to capture EVERY thought and brainstorm which I
now find popping out the end of my fingers, including each and every one as they occur with the exception of THAT ONE THOUGHT that simply does not belong for one reason or the other?
OR is the sentence “BUT, EVERY OTHER ONE” meant to be taken literally? As in: “I will record EVERY OTHER THOUGHT.” As in, I will include ONLY my even-numbered thoughts? And exclude my odd-numbered thoughts?
I, myself, don’t even know the answer to that quagmire of a question. And, I’M THE
But you, dear reader, perhaps enjoy a closer relationship – albeit, from afar – into my inner psyche than I, myself, do. In which case – I humbly request: Please Do Share.
As I would find fascinating knowing what you believe you know. Truly. Honestly.
In the meantime, I remain seemingly possessed by the intricate give and take, ebb and flow, pureness of concept as it occurs.