Automatic Habit

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A Lovin’ spoonful of full moon fill. Slipping over the sides, running into my eyes.

Glass bead tears of silver blue and gold – the color of the sky, I’m told.

I’m 33 … 34 … 35 … years here – I’ve still got 13 … 12 … 11 more before I’m too old

Having a Love & Awe for all things Little & Great .. the tiniest little red bugs outside the coffee shop, the weird, ugly hopping whatevers outside your sister’s gate.

Cute & Quirky … while, at the same time … Cranky & Irate.

KILLING of any kind no no no no no not something you would tolerate.

But your automatic habit, girl. Your automatic habit, girl. That – RIGHT THERE – that

automatic habit of yours … can’t you see it? Can’t you see it? Can’t you see it escalate?

It’s ripping your mind. Stealing your time. Spinning it’s lies in a rhyme. Taking every penny, nickle & dime. NO! It’s not yours. It’s I me mine I me mine I me mine.

Patty. Allison. Mike. Peter. Endless others enduring their daily druthers.

You … a tiny star / a tiny scar / trying to navigate your tiny car / up the hills / chasing the thrills – the shiny poison pills / black eyes / mean guys / a smooth talking oil slick / tricking you with its silvery shtick / c’mon on in – there’s plenty to go around / couldn’t get traction on the slippery slope ground / tires were bad bald and flat / not going to climb a hill with tires like that / sliding down down down into the past / at first slowly / then faster than fast / a backwards race with a finite finish line / spinning out of control out of control / nothing to grab onto / nothing to hold / it was too strong / too long / too big too bad too bold …

& all the while it kept on kept on singing your song

It kept on kept on stringing you along

An infinite free fall / A masquerade ball / Too strong was its call /

This Automatic Habit … that finally cost your Your All ……

Do you know you’re magic Yeah, you little star

Walkin’ through the world Breakin’ peoples heart
Do you know you’re magic Yeah, you little star
Well, shine on, shine on

Back and forth across my heart I won’t forget you, little star
Little star

… Written for my dear friend, Angela

whose ‘automatic habit’ {a term she coined} stole her from us all

I’m so profoundly sad to say goodbye.

Starlight .. Star bright … 624 Stars on a starry starry night …

(Little Star lyrics / Bob Welsh)










11 thoughts on “Automatic Habit

    1. Hi, Peter. I liked your writing and I’m sorry to hear about Angela.
      Your post isn’t showing up on the daily prompt. What you want to do is highlight your word cranky, click on the link icon (it looks like a paperclip to me, but what do I know) and then past this in for the link. Also, you might check the box that says open link in new tab so that your window is still open if they click on the link.
      Hopefully this helps? 🙂


      1. Hello again: I really appreciate you getting back to me. I tried to follow the instructions you passed along. But I must have done something wrong – it seems I deleted my entire post. I’ve got it saved elsewhere, so it’s not a total tragedy. But … I don’t know. Just can’t deal with it anymore this evening. ps I’m not blaming you even one tiny little bit for my misunderstanding or misapplying the directions you so thoughtfully sent along. Not sure what it was I could have possibly done to have essentially erased my entire post ??? thanks again for your input …


  1. I saw the entirety of your post after you added the prompt. It showed up in my feed. You might check to see if there’s a draft with the whole post. If by chance you “trashed” it, I think there’s an undo.
    Hopefully you wrote it in Word or other software before adding it to WP?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi: Sorry for the ridiculously tardy response. I’m just now noticing it. It appears I’ve much to learn about navigating around this system / site. My belated thanks for your input. Peter

        Liked by 2 people

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