Eye Candy

via Daily Prompt: Retreat


Here we are, one day removed from the smorgasbord spectacle of specialty cheeses spread on specialty crackers. Of ornate cookies, cakes & quiches decorating the dining room table as proudly as any ornament dangling from the Christmas tree. Of the excess of this squared and that cubed. Of eye candy, fatty fruit cakes & candied cordials. Of sweet treats galore and more and more and, what the heck it’s Christmas, even more.

A day of giving & getting. Loving & letting. Eating without vetting.

Come Dancer and Prancer. Come Donner and Blitzen.Give Santa a call. Ask him to bring me a new suit as the one I’m wearing has gotten too small. It’s tight & it pains me. The pounds they have gained me. Whether I breathe in or breathe out – These colorful calories have made me quite stout.

T’was a glorious spread. Too much to resist for the eyes in my head. Trinkets & treats both respectable and resplendent. Chitter Chatter. Pitter Patter. Hopefully I can still fit in my bed & I won’t need a tent.

I believe I’ll now retreat to my room sweet room.

And don’t believe I’ll otherwise retreat any time soon.

NOTE: Written this day after Christmas / 2016 in answer to today’s one word prompt: ‘retreat.’ by Pr.


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