double filled bleu cheese

via Daily Prompt: Festive


Double Filled double creme chocolate sandwich cookies – with a hazy thought bubble containing the message ‘double filled / double good’ floating above a highly-detailed photo of same . Bleu Cheese veggie dip {announcing it’s wonderfulness with an ‘!’ no less}. Windex of ‘streak free shine’ fame & boasting of it’s ‘America’s #1 selling glass cleaner status – with the obligatory ‘*’ meaning: it may or, indeed, may not actually be ‘America’s #1 selling glass cleaner.’ The pint of Mod Podge sharing a sliver of the floor makes no such ambiguously declarative statements – instead, simply indicating which sheen variety is contained within its opaque plastic shell: Gloss – Lustre’ – Lustre to avert any accidental or unintended sheen application.

Taken as a whole – or, indeed, individually – perhaps one might find difficulty in discerning the festive nature or attributes of these varied products scattered about within arms reach of this machine now capturing their collective confusing relationships.

But each – to it’s own aficionado subset – would surely be as welcome & smile-inducing as the little toy cars left under the tree & discovered early Christmas morning by any pajama-clad, messy-haired, skin-apparently-glowing-from-within 3-year-old boy regardless of  Country / Language / Socio-economic status or any other perceived pigeonholed prejudice.

Some – most – all, actually if one really thinks about it – are open to interpretation.

The state or quality of being ‘Festive’ not excluded from this list *.

*  = this statement alone is open to your interpretation.

Either Way / With Without / Inclusive / Exclusive / Universal / Individual …

I wish you all not simply a Merry Christmas … but a Festive One as well.

NOTE: written this Christmas morning in response to the word of the day prompt:

‘festive.’ by Pr.


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