Humphrey Bogart, JFK & The Twin Towers


The Laws of Physics. Immutable. Unbiased. Opinionated. Not ‘sometimes X causes Y.’ Nor ‘most times an apple, if dislodged from a tree, will fall to the ground. More or less.’

Hard work. Day in; day out. Keeping our daily Game of Life safe, clean & fair. Ensuring that the designated 75mph speed limit on a certain stretch of highway is appropriate and devoid of any hairpin turns. That the milk poured over your cereal ends up on your cereal – and not on your ceiling. That the throw from outfield to home plate eventually loses its momentum and ends up in the catcher’s mitt instead of the bleachers.

A full-time job if there ever was one.

Overworked and underpaid {unpaid, in actuality – for to whom could a check be written? Pay to the order of ‘The Laws of Physics?’} who could blame them if they collectively convened their anthropomorphic selves now and then in some after hours club and after a hearty meal, a few pints and some lively debate they decided to build a few sick days into their contract? Some time off here and there to simply stay home with the family. Pop some popcorn. Plug in a few old movies. Chill out and recharge.

A sunny day in Dallas. A slow turn. An open car. A dressmaker armed with an 8mm movie camera capturing the chaos. A bullet that – in mid-air -slows down, turns, slows down and turns once again. Piercing flesh and bone and yet emerging pristine.

A sunny day in New York City. X melting Z. Lightweight aluminum slicing through stout and sturdy steel. Fire hot and intense. Yet neither hot enough nor intense enough to incinerate either a cloth bandana nor a paper passport.

“Honey, will you pass me the remote?” Asks immutable Law #1 as he kicks back in his recliner to observe how the world is getting on without the guidance of either himself nor his fellow Laws.

The weight of approximately 15 floors of steel and concrete being sufficient to pancake the 85 floors below.

Black smoke indicating an oxygen-deprived environment. Yet still hot enough to melt steel. And have it remain molten. Underground. Flowing like lava. Starved of oxygen. Weeks later.

“Oh my gosh. Bogie was the best. ‘the start of a beautiful friendship.’ Classic line.” In the opinion of Law #2 who decided to spend his time off revisiting old black & whites.


The hole left behind by the 2nd plane. The very same plane whose thousands of gallons of jet fuel poured throughout that floor and floors below. Yet this unidentified woman – circled in red – is able to stand at the point of impact. Unharmed. Unscathed. Unimaginably alive.

Equally incredible is the fact that the aluminum plane which sheared these steel beams creating the hole where this woman stands, dispersed its fuel throughout and transformed uncooked steel beams into Al Dente noodles, left in its path no wake vortex.


novortexbetter vortexshould

Photo #1) What was seen.                             Photo #2) What would have been seen

had the Laws of Physics not called in sick.

Perhaps Sir Issac Newton, in some written-but-yet-to-be-discovered addendum to his original Laws, penned, in his immaculate handwriting a concise and easily understandable explanation of some of the more curious events woven throughout 11/23/1963 & 9/11/2001.

Perhaps even something as elegant and flowing as Einstein’s E = MC squared.

Or perhaps, there’s a more sinister equation at the heart of at least one of these ‘where were you when’ moments in American History:

The chemical equation for Thermite.

Perhaps yet, it was even he who granted well-earned days off to the very Laws he discovered.

As a way to stump layman, physicist, scientist, survivor and victim equally.

To play into and become the riddle. Watching the Wheels go round and round. Accompanied only by the sound of Nero and his fiddle.

“What do you want to watch next?” Comes the inquiry from Law #3.

“The Wizard of Oz.”

“One of my favorites.” They all applaud in unison.

And … we’re off …

NOTE: Written both as a response to the word-of-the-day prompt: ‘Stump.’

As well as ode to the memory of 911, it’s victims and the truth {whatever it may be}


















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