A Shoeless Joe Jackson




“Twinkle.” What a bright & shiny, happy little word. Some images that immediately pop into ones head upon hearing it: A diamond; A little star; the glimmer in someone’s eye who just spotted their best friend / lover / child / pet peek their head around the corner.

A love from far away. A happy thought that just made your day. One little piggy; two little piggies … one went to the market. The other stayed home darning socks in the night with only the face in the jar by the door and a sliver of moonlight as company.

Speaking of toes ALA the aforementioned little piggies reference, ‘twinkle’ has also been known to be employed as a modifier of sorts to toes enmasse. To signify a sort of sparkling lightness on such which an individual may possess. Either via a natural dancing rhythm or, to hint at a less-than-manly-man’s sexuality.

Additional twinklers {if I may be so bold as to offer a new variation to love, honor and hold}  include: A bijou. As well as a bijouterie wherein said bijous gather together in a singularly intense twinkle-fest Рeach trying to shine brighter and best. Become a live-in resident VS. an overnight guest.

A summer sun shower casting twinkling rainbows. A Shoeless Joe Jackson twirling on the tips of his toes.

Not a worry in the world.

For tomorrow is a long way away. Nothing but a twinkle in the blinking eye of later on today.

NOTE: A simple little story written over the last 15-20 minutes or so. Crafted around the one-word Prompt of the Day: ‘Twinkle.’




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