Happy New Here

Here was here. But died like a peasant. 

Extinguished by now. This moment. This present.

A blessing not disguised if you read between the lines.

A miracle of wonder –  dangling on the ends of the fork’s tines.

But … I was going to … I wanted to … I was supposed to …

And then …

Another here. Another year …

A Toast to Here

Cleaning house. Both Lit. & Fig. Preserving the past

Only a little less big.

Too many contentions, intentions, retentions filling scrapbooks,

yearbooks … small brooks; babbling nooks … thought crooks

Forever part of me. Part of my crowd. But, my

dear old friends, most of you have to leave … you’re simply too loud.

I’ve heard you whispering down the halls.

Soft, secret, stealthy, roiling caterwauls.

Doing what you need to keep yourselves alive

buzzing about as Queen Bees of the hive.

No need to leave. Just rest your head. Take a nap. Go to bed

I’ll come visit wherever I am

after I’ve sampled the Green Eggs and Ham

In the meantime … a kiss and a wink

while I go searching for new thoughts to think

just give me some time

either with or without a rhyme

up to you … either way,  it’s

I me mine … I me mine … I me mine …



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