Across the Universe in its Complete


George, Paul, John, Ringo … as they were uncommonly known. Is not the more familiar order: John, Paul, George & Ringo? Curiously also reflecting each Lad’s level of incredulity: John rightly acknowledged as being the toppermost of the poppermost.

But that’s only the beginning of the story .. for there’s an addendum here: .. a disclaimer of sorts .. an extrapolation on the eternal John vs. Paul debate {itself, a microcosm of the greater Beatles vs. Stones quagmire}.

The addendum being: It was both. It was neither. Instead, their Whole was greater than the Sum of their Scars. Serving to propel them past mere greatness and into the eternal. The infinite. The Universal. Literally … somewhere out there right this moment playing soft & sweet and in its complete ‘Across the Universe’ is sharing ever changing colors among the cosmic debris. Being listened to … who knows … maybe right at this particular moment in the space time continuum. All it needs do is discover a creature with ‘hearing’ comprising at least one of its 6, 8, 10+ ? senses.

Lucy. Rita. Polyethene Pam … Damn, this traffic jam …

Oh Girl … Say the word and you’ll be free …

Say the word and be like me …

Say the word is Chemistry.

They built upon / off / on / out / in each other like the letters in a grand book. Each adding its elemental self to the unfolding of the big story.

B E A T L E S … Deliver the letter the sooner the getting better all the time.

Each letter alone .. could be anything .. but some thing in the way they move .. come together .. makes one feel but two foot smallĀ  .. a grandchild on a knee …

BEATLES … A picture equals one thousand words … just maybe not in the right order.

John. Paul. George. Ringo.

Happy 75th Birthday, John.

You Lived Monumentally in the Moment.

A lesson for all of us …


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