Amazing … from one end to the other

“Amazing,” I mumbled to myself between sips of my morning coffee & drags on my Marlboro while snaking though the construction on my way to work.

Amazing … the dance of the manlifts & cranes & men positioning ladders to elevate their status from ground men  to 1st floor & beyond men. Men & machine dancing the dance of defying – defying gravity, defying the near certain death awaiting if one or the other suddenly decided that they were bigger than the band and in that moment decided to embark on a solo career.

Not a wise  life choice considering the stage props in this particular play. The largest of which were massive, multi-ton structural steel I beams. The smaller, bit players showed no sign that they would back down if goaded into a heated argument either

Bricks; cinder blocks … metal; stone; sharp, heavy things designed to carry the weight of more sharp and/or heavy things piled up row upon row on top of them. Things designed as pieces of  what is engineered to be a permanent puzzle, anchored 30, 40, 50 feet into the ground, rising to twice that height. Poundage upon poundage upon tonnage upon tonnage all meticulously fit, fabricated & formed to follow whatever vision conjured up by the head architect.

UB110 sub 1918

And, as if that weren’t enough … an untold number of people would be adding the weight of their own person to the thousands upon thousands of less sentient, yet equally weighty building blocks upon which they would soon be walking, shuffling and otherwise ambulating from one end to the other. Conducting business, discussing wins & losses or wines & bosses or limes & coconuts … put the lime in the coconut drink it all up .. I said ‘doctor’ is there nothing I can take … I said ‘doctor’ to relive this bellyache …

Diverging thoughts, personalities, idiosyncrasies. Some heavier than others. Weightier in both gravitas & gravity. Adding their pounds of flesh and two cents worth of opinion to the delicate & dynamic design in progress I was fortunate enough to have witnessed while it was still in the womb.

Less than one block removed from this living, loving Universe – can’t we all just get along? – a man, alone … talking to whomever on his phone … flung open his car door with the greatest of ease – Please, mister, please – registering the existence of my two tons of rolling rubber & metal in no way that I perceived.

Trusting me with his life. As the dancers just down the street trust in each other.

Amazing. But nowhere near as well thought out nor well-choreographed.

A rogue ex-ground-man & his machine who decided to go it solo, I imagine.


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